Advisory Services

CyberOne’s GRC experts deliver optimal security strategies and effective operations to improve your governance of security controls, reduce your organizational risk, and meet external compliance requirements.

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) Ecosystem Design and Implementation

Our offering provides process governance and more effective, efficient regulatory compliance while also ensuring alignment with your regional/global security programs and business processes. We work closely with you to design and implement solutions including security policy, standards, controls lifecycle management, approval workflows, and security controls validation. Our service also improves internal and external audits, increases cyber-risk intelligence, and drives principled performance and security measures.

Tools Assessment

The tools assessment allows us to design and implement a scalable GRC ecosystem and center of excellence that provides increased visibility to your cybersecurity posture and countermeasure effectiveness. We perform a comparative analysis and assess GRC tool(s) for cybersecurity optimization and other key business processes. We also perform other health checks to maximize the useability and ensure workflows, objects, and controls are in alignment with the overall cybersecurity program and business goals/strategies.

Data Governance and Management

Data governance modeling and framework development are key to measure, control, and continually enhance data security. Data governance also improves other data management tactics such as data loss prevention, classification, rationalization, and labeling. We lay the foundation for the program by focusing on aligning to your business strategy and information security program and initiatives while enabling performance metrics, business integration, enterprise policies and procedures, program operating models, and management reporting to measure overall success. Our program will also enhance and add capabilities for identifying, classifying, and safeguarding critical data while reducing the risk of data loss.

Maturity Assessment

We help you improve your information security programs by performing an in-depth cybersecurity maturity assessment against the framework of your choosing - NIST CSF, CIS Benchmarks, ISO, cloud security alliance (CSA), etc. We evaluate your security controls maturity against the identified risks and provide a security road map for closing any potential gaps and/or maturing your security controls to improve your security posture, achieve compliance, and meet contractual, regulatory, and internal stakeholder requirements.

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