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No organization is void of cyber risks and vulnerabilities, but how well prepared are you to detect, prevent, and respond to attacks? At CyberOne, we’ve developed one of the world’s most robust and sophisticated Red Teams. Meet TeamARES.

With decades of collective red-teaming experience, dozens of published 0-days, and hundreds of successful customer engagements, TeamARES leverages hands-on manual methods using a vast array of in-house developed toolsets to provide you with a comprehensive and cost-effective assessment.

We are experts in conducting external, internal, black box, grey box, white box, and targeted penetration tests. Once complete, we’ll provide timely and contextual documentation that aligns our key findings with your strategic business objectives.

The TeamARES Difference

Renowned Expertise

Gain access to professionals with decades of experience in digital forensics, penetration testing, incident response, vulnerability management and malware reversing.

Extension of Your Team

Strengthen your capabilities through red team testing, incident response and more.

Adversarial Thinking

We have a proven track record of discovering zero-days and developing exploits.

Insightful Intelligence

We keep track of recent attacks and vulnerabilities to help you stay ahead of threats.

Zero-Day Report

TEAMARES follows the pulse of all the latest malware and threats. Here’s the latest our team has discovered.

CVE Number
CVE-2020-13856 – CVE-2020-15836
MoFi Router Vulnerability Disclosure

Multiple critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in the MoFi4500 router, an OpenWRT based wireless router that provides Internet access via LTE.

VMWare Fusion Local Privilege Escalation

VMware Fusion contains a local privilege escalation vulnerability that allows an attacker to inject a malicious path into the system-wide PATH environment variable.

Global Protect Local Privilege Escalation

A race condition vulnerability in the Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect app on Windows allowed a local limited Windows user to execute programs with SYSTEM privileges. This issue can be exploited only while performing a GlobalProtect app upgrade.

Hard-Coded Credentials in OpsRamp Gateway

During a recent penetration test, CyberOne‘s TEAMARES researchers discovered that OpsRamp Gateway has an administrative account named vadmin that allows root SSH accessto the server. This account was unknown to clients unless requested through a support process. At that time the vendor states they would provide the account to the client and request that they change the password.

CVE-2020-11586 – CVE-2020-11599
CIPAce Enterprise Platform

CyberOne‘s TEAMARES researchers have released a steady cadence of advice regarding the importance of testing your systems regularly for vulnerabilities. The following vulnerabilities uncovered during an external penetration test drives home this necessity.

Authentication Bypass in Infinias elDC32 Webserver

With access to a system’s control interface, a malicious actor can unlock controls remotely, allowing them to gain physical entry to restricted areas. However, lessons learned from other breaches can help everyone better understand how to prevent unwanted access.

CVE-2020-9323 – CVE-2020-9325
Tiff Server 4.0 from AquaForest

The product Tiff Server 4.0 from AquaForest is vulnerable to the following:

  • Unauthenticated File and Directory Enumeration
  • Unauthenticated Arbitrary File Download
  • Unauthenticated SMB Hash Capture via UNC
ManageEngine Privilege Escalation Windows

After running into ManageEngine products on a number of penetration tests, we decided to take a closer look at their products and see if there were any vulnerabilities that we could take advantage of.

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